FingerTap Apps Pty Ltd

FingerTap Apps is an Australian owned publishing and marketing company dedicated to building a great shopping experience for shoppers online.

Our focus is about providing our readers a way to visit their favourite stores, view information about these stores, and to find new stores online that we can trust and recommend through our successful publishing site: Online Shopping Australia

With over 7 years Internet publishing and marketing experience FingerTap Apps has seen a lot of changes to how people shop online, and view online advertising.

No longer can you simply put up an advertisement or web page up and expect customers to purchase products.

Customers today need much more when purchasing. Customers want their personal information kept safe, and of course customers want social engagement - Much like you would expect to see in a bricks and mortar store.

Today's publishing and marketing needs to provide clear, safe and unbiased information to it's viewers.

Our web sites aim to provide an easy way for shoppers to enjoy shopping online.